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Plow Lights not working

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by butters, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. butters

    butters Member
    Messages: 79

    Sorry if this has been posted before. The search function is not working so I could not look. Anyway, I just mounted my plow and got it fired up for the 6-10" we are getting tonight and I noticed that the plow lights are not working! Truck lights work and turn signals are functioning. I tested the truck/plow lights switch in the cab and it is working fine. I tested the voltage at the lights (removed the bulbs) and nothing. I thought that maybe there was a bad ground so I grabbed a piece of wire and grounded the black lead to the lights and nothing. I know that there are 3 relays in there, but I am not sure how to test them. Are there any fuses that could cause this?
  2. Emstaxi

    Emstaxi Member
    Messages: 88

    If you flip the light switch to plow lights you should hear the relay click when the lights turn on. Turn your head lights on switch to plow lights and then try flashing your high beams. This should help narrow down which relay is working or not working. This isn't the definate solution but another avenue to try. Do you have an owners manual?
  3. butters

    butters Member
    Messages: 79

    OK, I finally got a chance to check it out. I don't hear any of the relays tripping when I flip the plow lights switch. Do you know which one is the plow light relay? I know that the middle on controls the truck lights because when I pull it out the lights go out. The high beams are not working either which is strange... I do have the manual, but the schematic is hard to follow. Any ideas?
  4. powerjoke

    powerjoke PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,341

    mine aint workin either i aint had time to screw with it but i guess i better get my as in gear, i did learn that my powerwire to the relays did not have power so i hooked it up it constant hot and still notta i'll get pissed and about half drunk and rip' em off i'd say lol so if any body can help butters and i that would be great, where does the relay wire get its poer is it from its switch?
  5. butters

    butters Member
    Messages: 79

    OK. I figured it out. After tracing all kinds of wires, testing bulbs and messing with relays...All I had to do was check my fuse box. I called my dealer and he had me check a few things. It turns out that the plow lights get power from the trucks running lights. My fuse for the running lights was burned out. After all that it was just a simple 50 cent fuse.:dizzy: