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    Hello I’m new to plowing and I have an 05 Ford F-250 with a Meyer 8’ plow with wings. So we have replaced both the light control boxes to the new universal Meyer ones and we still have issues with the plow lights only. The truck lights work fine. The drivers side plow light is very dim on low beam and the passenger is normal. Then on high beam, the passenger almost goes out completely while the drivers side brightens to normal. I have taken apart the whole wiring harness and cannot find any issues as far as connections or corrosion or broken wires.
    The plow light switch has a 3 pole lighted switch in the cab which seems to be working good.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Try Running a ground wire directly to the lights from battery
    If that doesn't work , run power from battery to lights.
    Use a jumper wire with built in fuse if possible.

    Sounds like lights are under powered or not grounding properly.
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    Was this a plug and play set up or did you need to run some wires? Wire size too small?
    Sounds like they are wired in series instead of parallel. Both lights should be equal if bulbs are both new.

    Or you have bad ground on low beam on one side and bad ground on high on other
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    This setup worked last season when the plow was removed I am told. The little boxes for the plow lights one was bad, so we replaced both with new Meyer brand ones that had an extra fused red wire in the harness that I hooked to the battery. The truck lights work fine, only when plow lights are activated is when there’s an issue.
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    In my opinion, you have a bad ground. Remove the bulb and run a jumper ground wire to the bulb. See what happens.
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