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Plow For Sale Or Will Trade For Sunscreen


Senior Member
winterset iowa
same here

i bought a plow this year too, along with half of my town. after last year figured i could use it this year.:( last year must have been a fluke!!

at least its winter now
Mark K

Mike Nelson

Senior Member
Naperville IL
Don't worry you weren't the only one causing it not to snow.I bought my first new snowmobile. I get paid on contract so this was a real cheap insurance policy "Not to Snow" :D
Anyway things are changing just like they predicted and we should start seeing some snow over the next few months.
Happy Holidays

Got Grass?

Senior Member
Western New York
Its 41 out and getting up to about 46 today. But the shite stuff is on its way. Thay are predicting 1+ft by tommarow night and lake effect till thurs. Turs-sat snow showers. Depend on if thus storm stalls over us and thay are known for that.
So It looks as if If I'm going to get a break from the family. After over a month strait of record highs, I'm ready.
Heck, if it snowed everytime the weatherman said we were supposed to get 3", I'd have the new rig paid for by now, in reality, I couldn't even tell ya if the darn thing runs or not, hasn't been moved once this year. But he says theres a chance for some white stuff this week, so I'll give him one more chance before I hunt him down and start his tie on fire.



PlowSite.com Addict
Central CT
At least I got to plow once during December.

Once a month lets me pay my bills; twice a month lets me get a toy; beyond that its gravy.

Until we get to the point where we surpass my estimates the seasonals are based on...