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Plow for a walkbehind

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by oldschool, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. oldschool

    oldschool Junior Member
    from Chicago
    Messages: 16

    Who sells a plow for a walkbehind mower?
  2. PlowKid150

    PlowKid150 Senior Member
    Messages: 165

    I know that Exmark sells them for all of their walkbehinds, and even their Z's
  3. millenniumland

    millenniumland Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    I made my own

    Last year, I built two v-blades for my 48" walks, and they worked sweet. Let me know if you want to see pics. Dropped my city sidewalk times from 6 hrs to 2 hrs. I put a poly-rubber cutting edge on to reduce wear and tear, they are a lot more forgiving than the metal cutting edges.

    Kevin Kruizenga