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Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by Hedgehog, Feb 23, 2008.

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    I know I've asked before but I still haven't bought a plow for my 2003 Tacoma. It is a V6, automatic and has a 2" leveling kit up front. I don't know whether that will affect anything but I have narrowed the plowchoices down to 3. I will list them below with the prices I got and the likes and dislikes of each. Any input would be appreciated.


    FISHER Homesteader $2900 Like Fiskstik Plow looks cheesy and no weight for backblading

    SNOWAY 22 series $3300 Like downpressure See alot of negatives about SNOWAY quality

    CURTIS HOMEPRO $3300 Like size of plow Dislike controller options

    Thnak you in advance, Bob
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    One other thing I did like about the Homesteader is the removable brackets at the end of the season. So, with the prices being withing $500 of each other, which one is the best plow for a small truck?
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    With the narrowed down choices, I'd go with the Sno-way. Fairly lightweight, but you have downpressure, so back dragging will be cake. That's not the only reason, but I think that's the best plow for the money there.