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Plow for '01 F150 Supercab

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by topcat, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. topcat

    topcat Junior Member
    from WNY
    Messages: 3

    I have a 2001 Ford 150 4X4 Supercab with 5.4L V8, Auto, 3.55 rear, 6500# GVWR, 3600# Front GAWR and a 3550# Rear GAWR. I just started a lawncare operation this past year and some home owners are wanting me to maintain their driveways. I'm from upstate NY area so we do get our share of the lake effect snows. Can this truck handle a plow and if so what do you guys recommend? Any suggestions?
  2. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    I like the meyers 7.5 fits well with the ford or a western ultra mount plow :redbounce
  3. meyer22288

    meyer22288 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    the truck can handle a lighter plow . 7.5ft is the best size plow on a ford 150. meyer, sno-way, western uni mount and ultra mount, and the fisher 7.6 plows would all work very good on your truck. :)
  4. harley hauler

    harley hauler Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    It's a Ford it can handle anything! I have a 7.6 Fisher on my 02 150 extend cab and the truck handles it great. May want to trow some ballast in the bed, gets a little light in the rear with the blade up.
  5. SYL

    SYL Junior Member
    from ottawa
    Messages: 14

    Harley Hauler,

    Any picks of your rig. Is it the standard F150 i.e. not 7700lbs package.

  6. harley hauler

    harley hauler Senior Member
    Messages: 214

    I don't have good pics right now, I'll take some and post them for ya. Its the standard 150 which comes stock w/the rancho 5000 in the corners I swaped those out for adjustable 9000, has the off road pac, but like I said before this truck handles the 7.5 fisher rd great It handles it better than my 98 gmc 1500 Z71 did!!