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    I assume thats the name of mount that lifts the plow off the truck.

    Is there anything special I need to click to make the foot work? I want to unmount the plow from my truck cause I need to use it for pulling tomorrow and when we put the plow on the truck we couldnt get it to work when the foot was in the down position.

    Do I use my toggle in cab to lift it off my truck with the foot or do I use the level on the motor cover?

    Little confused. Thanks for the clarification.
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    What I do is put the "kickstand" (that's what I call it) down, unlatch the plow from the mount, then press the up button and the light stand will tilt forward and the plow will rotate out of the mount. voila! then unhook the power and lights and back away.
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    Thank you fellas!!!
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    What I do is lower the plow with the down pressure on, lower the jack-stand and make sure the pin that holds it into place is in place, I than put the switch on the control box in the middle position, this relieves all pressure on the plow and lower it onto the jack-stand, I than pull my two frame pins and the tower pin, I than use the up mode on the power cover switch with will tilt the light tower forward and also tilt the plow frame up and out of the truck frame, you can than unhook your light and main power connector and back out, (do not forget to unhook main power connector, I know from experience)

    Hope this helps


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    Mounting & removal is where owning the WR system is great! 60 seconds on or off.
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    Sorry WR system?
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    Wireless Remote
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    I have to use a floor jack for mine because I remove it to a "skate" system that is about 5" off the floor...... so the plow edge goes on the front skates and the "kickstand" goes over the third skate; then I unpin and lift the A frame with the jack and lower the kickstand to the skate and it rolls away...