plow drops very slow


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getting my 10' meyers ready to bring to site,hooked it all up, now when you lower blade it drops very slow is there a adjustment to drop faster.

Mike 97 SS

Thats funny you should post this. We just had a discussion on this about a Western dropping too fast and someone posted there was a way to adjust it to drop slower if wanted. That was on a Western though, not sure on a Meyers. Scroll a few topics down in this same forum, and you will see a post labeled "lowering a Western slowly?". Check it out. Maybe Meyers has same adjustment. You can make it faster or slower depending on your liking, quill adjustment. See i learned something by that topic and im passing on what i learned. Mike :drinkup:
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paul soccodato

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westchester ny
before you start adjusting the pump itself, can you tell us what kind of myers it is?, is it cable operated or electronic?, did you look in the owners manual? (if you have it)

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It should be the E-60 or E-60H pump. There are 2 5/8" size bolts in the front of the pump between the lift cylinder and valve body. The higher of the two has the adjustment screw. It is an allen type head. I am pretty sure it's a 5/8" bolt it may be 11/16, i am going by memory. Can't remember which way makes it drop faster or slower.


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