Plow Dolly???

Ben W

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Slim, I made my own dolly with some used 2x4s and $15 worth of wheels from Lowe's. It may not be as pretty but it works. I can take my blade off and roll it into the corner of the garage until I need it. Ben

Prime Seasons

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snowmobile dollies

If you don't want to fabricate your own, consider a set (3) snowmobile dolly kit. Northern Supply Catalog has them for around $35. I use them for my plow and they do work well. Two dollies have a crease in the middle which I use on the plow blade. The smooth dolly goes under the cylinder (down pressure I am assuming for you).



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Plow Dolley

You should see what we have blades on around here. Old mechanics creepers, rollers from the commercial rubbermaid trash cans, stuff like that.

But I think that Plow Dolley product is a very good product.
SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
I'm thinking that the dolly would almost be better than the stand for the plow. Plus, you can adjust the height for the back end of the plow to make lining up a little easier.


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Save yourself some money, and don't buy anything. If you ere me ,you have one or two options, put the plow in your garage if you have one. It will line up with your truck perfectly this way, and it gets better, once you find the right truck/plow hight, buy some 2X4, and shims and nail them together. Then just put this block under your plow, and it's really easy to line everything up.

Or the second option leave your plow outside, and use the same block method for storage. If you end up with multiple plows, they are probably going to end up outide unless you have a really big garage.


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