plow dolly ?


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New to the game. Just bought my 1st plow today, 7.5' Western. My question is, does western or any other company make a dolly for a plow? I would like to set my unimount plow down on the dolly when I disconect in the garage then wheel the plow out of the way. Also, it would seem this would make conecting very easy.
Plow dolly

I used to store my plows on shids when not in use and move them around with a skid jack. However, mounting and dismounting with skids involved was dificult because of truck/plow height differences. I discovered this spring that a skid jack will go under the plow when dismounted without a skid and there is no more problem. Used skid jacks can commonly be found for $100.-$200.

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I have one and think its a good idea, much easier to roll it around than drag it iin the garage.
There was a whole discussion on this topic just a couple of days ago, do a search or go onto the next page of posts (or so) and you should see it. It has the "Plow Dolly" title.


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