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About a 2 months ago, when the snow stopped around here (Mi-south of Detroit) I came up with an idea. Since I don't have a lot of space in my garage and a small garage, and I didn't want to leave my plow outside on the drive for someone to steal it, I came up with a plow dolly. It is simply a wood frame that the plow sets on with wheels on it. About 5" casters to roll it around easier. I also made it the height that I need to simplify attaching the plow and also detaching the plow. I thought it was a good idea, cause now I can park the truck in the middle of the drive where it is level and roll the plow down and hook it up real simply. Just an idea for those of you who might wrestle around with your plow every time you want to hook or
unhook it. And also, no rust spots on on concrete!

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Why didn't I think of that?

That is a good idea, especially for those with heavier plows. And in today's day & age, anything to make theft more difficult is a good thing.

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I fabbed two angle iron "C's" from 2 x 2 and made them the right size to fit the blade on each end. When you set the blade down the cutting edge sits in one end of the shoe as I call them and when you tip over the blade onto it's face the top hits the other end of the C. Straight casters on one and swivel on the other.



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I've heard a couple people mention that they weld casters on their skid shoes. Or if you don't want to wreck your shoes just buy some 1" shaft or whatever size shaft your shoes are mounted to weld on the wheels.


For my western I bought a oil barrel dolly at an auction $10.00. 1/2 round on heavy steel casters with a handle on the front. I welded 2 pieces off square tube off each side to make it long enough to hold the back of the A frame, weleded anther piece of tube between them to hold them together. Roll it under the truck drop the plow unpin and roll it in the shop.
I need to fab one for the 9'2 vee now, it is so much easier when you can move them around the shop.


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tim, i have been using a plow dolly under the snoway for years. it works great and it was cheap , cause i built it myself. oldman kent didn't buy my plow.. it would have cost him 350.00 to get it shipped to him. 1150.00 for the plow 350.00 for shipping is 1500.00, not a bad price for a plow that will bolt right up to your truck. oh well.

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I have the dolly that the link in Tim's post points to. I have had it for about 3 years now and think it is pretty good. Simple to drop the plow on it and roll it into the garage. The only negative comment about it is I think that the casters should be a little bit bigger, makes it easier to roll in the garage where there may be some sand, or whatever on the ground.


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Well since I live in the mountains and don't get the comfort of a flat driveway, let alone a paved or asphalted driveway, I made a simple mount made of (spare) 6x6 posts, two uprights and one horizontals with another horizontal perpendicular to that. The blade is hung by variable chain loops through eye bolts and the pivot is held up by chain by the perpendicular horizontal beam above the hydraulics. And you know what? It doesn't work that well :( Sooo... Maybe I will have my neighbor help me weld some steel on the bottom for some casters ;)


SlimJim Z71, thanks for the link you posted. I just ordered the heavy duty one from them! What a cool toy! lol


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