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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by greenquestlawn, Apr 11, 2001.

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    Do you fix your plow damage? (I'm mainly talking about grass damage)

    Do you do it for free?

    The reason I am asking is that I have noticed around here that ALOT of companies dont. I try to sell that fact to potential customers that I fix my own free of any charge. I guess to me its part of the service. I did the damage I fix it.

    What I have seen, especially this year is customers that use someone else for snowplowing would rather pay me than call their guy and have them fix it. (I am not complainig about the work I get good money for fixing other peoples plow damage)

    Example: A new customer I got this year for lawn care. To plow this account would cost about $100.00 per time (its not a big lot at all) He will end up paying around $1000.00 by the time I am finished. Doesnt that seem strange?
  2. John Allin

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    We fix all damages. No charge to the customer. Grass and fence damages we repair in house.

    It's a great selling tool. However, then you have to educate your plowers that we're on the hook for their damages, so BE CAREFUL. Take a little extra time if necessary to keep from tearing up stuff.

    Now... if a sub takes out a plate glass window or a light pole, their insurance has to foot that bill....
  3. GeoffD

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    We inform customers in our contracts that we are not required to fix snowplow damage. However we fix most of our damage every year.

    The reason we won't fix damage in our contracts is, on some of our residential accounts, we are asked to plow accross lawns to peoples barns and stuff resulting in lawn damage. I don't want to be fixing lawn damage when we were contracted to plow a lawn.

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    We fix all grass, and curb damage ourselves, the fences, and ect. we sub out. We were out all day today with a truck load of topsoil, seed and another truckload of hotpatch fixing all of our accounts yesterday, it takes us with three guys and 3 yds topsoil, bag of seed and 2 tons of hotpatch about 6 hours to fix our damage this year not bad figureing the money we made plowing, it is a decent way to treat a good customer. Just my two cents
  5. RB

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    I damaged some small shrubs for rock salt. They look like they are gone. Will my insurance cover this or will I have to repair it out of my pocket??

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    i was out doing spring cleanups today and finished the day with cleaning up some plow damage that a friend did. it isnt that bad. no shrubs or anything. just pick up some clumps of turf and put down a bit of topsoil / seed / hay no biggie
  7. John DiMartino

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    My contract clears me of having to fix grass/damage,but I do it anyway,since it is so minimal,and they are good customers.I took out 2 concrete parking stops this yr-I just replaced them,and didint even bring it to their attention.I havent charged for any of it ,and wont,my fault,I pay.

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  8. plowjockey

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    First are you sure that your salting did the damage and second did you choose to use salt or did the property owner request it instead of some other ice meltor?
    I don't really understand the liability from types of ice melting substances. Was the property owner warned first about the possible damage from the salt?
  9. Matt

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    We use lawn repair as a selling tool, but we make sure that we are covered for the cost with are price. Next thing to do is to educate the drivers that we lose money when they mess up a lawn. This is why we made the investment in urethne edges. We also state that we will do it after May 1, since most customers don't like to wait tjey do it themselves. Some of you may think that this is to late in the year, but it currently snowing like crazy and I don't enjoy repairing lawns twice.
  10. John Allin

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    Yeah... we've got 4" already.
    Hope the pavement stays warm.