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    Hi I have a older Meyer plow and have been using the toggle switches, can I change over to the new style controler with out to many problems or is there more to it them that. I have looed at the other plows at work and there controls and I do not see any thing different on my pump or wiring compared to the newer plows? The controls are the only difference, some have the box with the toggle other have the touch pad and one has the hand held control.
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    Get me your email address and we can talk further. I just a have few questions I need to ask before I get you some information as far as how you connect your Toggle Switches to the Vehicle Harness? What plug are you using?

    Thank you!


    Tony Perez
    Sales Representatve
    Universal Plow Controls
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    do they make an adapter for the slick stik
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    Good Afternoon,

    We have a Universal Adapter that will work in conjunction with any of our controls. The Universal Adapter comes with 12 Quick Disconnects (12 Female & 12 Male). You'll have to do a little work on your side, but if you want to get away from the Stik, this is the way to go.

    UPC # 90-9152-U (this is for the Adapter ONLY, picture below, control sold seperately)

    As long as you mate the correct colors from the vehicle side to the color chart below, our controls will work. See your plow manual for proper installation.

    Visit our website for a Distributor nearest you.


    Universal Plow Controls

    Universal Adapter.jpg

    Universal Pin Out Colors.jpg