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Hey guys quick question, i have my plow on and 1 palet of rock salt i just picked up, I only have a walk behind spreader for the salting though =(, my ? is i never took on any accounts due to the fact that my plow wasnt put on my truck yet and i wasnt sure if i was going to have it put on this year. Now that its on i have no schedled work, i know i can call and get some of my res. clients but tomorrow we are getting anywhere from 10-12" of snow. Here in Md thats bad stuff. I have company lettering on the truck with snow removal as a service but should i do any additional advertising real quick? I know its kinda late but i had no choice, i just hope the work is there tomorrow!!!

Thanks Rich



Get some advertising out ASAP. There are always the last-minute people you may pick up, or people who were not satisfied with their last plowing person.

And, since you have lettering on the truck, if the snow comes and you have little or no business, just get out and drive around all day- people will see the plow and the lettering and put 2+2 together. You may just get some flag-downs and calls.


Around here, I can make about $300.00 - $500.00 a day for about 2-6 hours out time on a Saturday or Sunday snow storm of that much accumulation by just driving around and looking for people shoveling out. Best ones are the ones where the city or county or state trucks have windrowed them a nice two foot tall mound at the drive entrance. If you can catch people shoveling, they are more likely to agree have you do it for them.

I agree with Plow Kid, track down some other plowers for some possible sub work. I would add to that by calling your local Lawn Care companies and snow removal companies that advertise in the phone book and see about any sub work.

Look for some drives or lots that have not been plowed right after the snow stops. Stop in and ask if they would like to hire you for the year.

Good Luck!

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