Please vote - 45 pound plastic vs snowbear plow for Grand Cherokee?


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Anyone know anything about the Solotec brand personal snow plow? It looks like a plastic v shaped plow that just attaches to the bumber of a car or suv, weighs about 45 pounds and it only costs a little over $400. There video at looks like the thing really works!

I'm almost ready to buy a snowbear plow - -that bolts to my suv and has at least up and down electric control and manual tilt side to side. But it costs about a grand new. It weighs over 200 lbs.

If all I'm going to do is plow my own driveway and then remove it each time anyway, is this Solotec thing worth a shot? Or should I stick with the heavier, more functional snowbear.

I know most you guys plow for a living so either one is sort of a joke, but as i respect your opinions, please vote for one or the other for a poor soul like me who doesn't have much money, or a good back. Thank you.


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I bought & used a snobear for 10 min. POS. It ranks high on my all time dumbest purchases.
Buy a freakin' good snowblower instead of a fake plow.
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I don't know anything about the Solotec. I checked the vehicle application for it and there was an asteric beside Jeep Grand Cherokee. The footnote said you may have "special" large tires. If you do, it states that you should choose another vehicle for this plow. So check out real careful how this will work on your Cherokee. Second, they sell replacement blades for that plow for $40. Since they so prominently offer replacements, I'd suggest buying a couple of replacements if and when you get the plow.

Maybe somebody else has some experience with this.(?)

Good Luck

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snowbear plow

I know how frustrated you must be getting, but putting a plow on a jeep with no frame is a lesson in futility. I've heard of guys plowing with two wheel drive with about 700 lbs in the bed, chains, and a running start. Try checking out and go to the forum, much helpful info. I use a snowblower now, and they can move alot of snow in a small time frame. You sound young and healthy, for about a grande you can buy a new ariens, and get a 3 year warranty, and you know it will work for you. Good luck....Leo


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Buy the Snow blower
If you ever sell or trade your truck your out of the money
the snow blower will last for years to come
and it will all ways have resale
the time you mess with them make sift plows you could have the
drive done
just buy a nice big one


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Im getting one of these for my wife's focus as a joke!!!! Man.. i knew I could find something to waste my hard earned money on. hahaha.. she'll probably get a good laugh out of it. And it will look good on my web site.


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Everyone is saying to you to go with a snowblower. For the third time, I am telling you that you are much better off with snowblower. And I am not going to repeat why you should go with a snowblower. Just buy a snowblower and be done with it. No worry about getting up at 2am to clear the driveways, no worry about breakdown, no worry about wasting money. Your jeep is not designed for snowplowing, and the cheap lightweight snowplows like snowbear is not going to last very long and would be a waste of money. For now, just get a snowblower, then in future when it's time for you to get a new vehicle, you can get the one that is designed for snowplowing.

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One of our local news stations does a report called "can you beleave it" where they test products and rate the results. A couple of weeks ago they tested this plastic v-plow your speaking of on a mini van (lol!). Whatta joke...looks like the same material a little tykes toy is made of! The news was enthusiastic about this plow and even made a joke by putting a "Joes snow plowing" sign on the side of the mini van and saying "you can even make extra money with this plow after you do your own drive! I thought oh great! Im gonna see Honda acords trying to plow drives with this! ROLFLMAO

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