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andy bengtson

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se wisconsin
hi looking to start plowing this winter. Would it better if I would go with a Western or Boss plow. I have friends that plow and they said to spend the extra money for a v-plow. I just don't know what to do. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I have a 2002chev 2500hd extended pickup with the plow package. Any ideas I would very much like your thoughts. thanks


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Monee IL
Andy, try the search function you will find many answers to your question. But i would go with the v depending on what size lots your truck should handle it just fine. :D

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Are you going to be plowing residential or commercial or both? I don't plow residential (other than parents place) but people here that do have said that the v still helps them more than a straight blade. If you can afford it, the v is the way to go. Any brand that has dealer support in your area is generally the best choice. Do a search this topic has been gone over a few times .:eek:

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