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I have finally narrowed my choices down to two plows. I hope to make a decision by the end of the week. I am either going to buy the 8'6" Western MVP V Plow with Ultramount or the Blizzard 810. I have two Western dealers that are within 35 Minutes of where all of my plowing will be and I have 2 Blizzard dealers that are about 1 hour and 20 minutes away. Both plows are about the same price, so price is not a issue. I like the way both plows have the quick hookup feature, so I would say they are equal in these areas. I do like how Western has the removable mounts at the truck for off season clearance. I also like how Western's light bar is attached to the plow, where as with blizzard it is a seperate assembly that bolts to the truck. It is pretty quick to remove with only two bolts though. A big plus for Blizzard is the fact that it will expand too 10'. Being from MD I probably will never have a reason to use the ^ feature on the Western plow. I am not sure if the Blizzard plow pivots like the Western Ultramount does, by follwing the conturs of the road surface and not the truck. I do like the controller of the Western a little better as well, but I know Blizzard is working on a touch pad. I like the 12" wings on the Blizzard and the box shape it has. I am not sure which one would backdrag better than the other. I am also not sure which one will scoop and carry snow better.

I think both plows are great and that is what is making my choice so hard.

If it was your money and you know the difference in distance between dealers which plow would you pick and why?

If any of you have not seen Blizzard's computer disk demo it is worth watching

Mike 97 SS

Ok ill try to help a little. First off i know nothing about Blizzard snowplows. I do however own a Western Uni Mount straight blade and i have always had good luck with Westerns products. If it has to be a V-plow, have you considered a Fisher V? Actually straight or V id still bring up Fisher, i like their products. Is there a Fisher dealer near you? If not then i guess disregard Fisher, but i think Fisher is becoming more and more popular and is a very very nice design and the mounting procedure seems to be very well thought out. The more i look at Fishers, the more i like them. Mike
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I'm not familiar with either plow but...

Originally posted by Brians
I have two Western dealers that are within 35 Minutes of where all of my plowing will be and I have 2 Blizzard dealers that are about 1 hour and 20 minutes away.
Personally, this would make my decision a no brainer. The availabilty of parts and service at a close distance is an absolute must for me, but it all depends on how much plowing you do per year. A thought to consider.



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The other side...

I have the Blizzard 810 and am very pleased with it! It takes less than a minute to mount with no effort, and cut my plow time by 20% so far.

It backblades extremely well, and by using it at 10' to backblade, I've reduced the passes required to clear in front of a garage by 1/4. By kicking the forward wing to the angled position, and exteng the rear wing out straight, you can reduce your blade overlap to 6" with no spillage. If you have a lot of curvey drives, you can plow in the 10' mode and not worry about kicking your windrow back into the drive with your rear tires.

With both wings angled forward to scoop, you can really move some snow. I have a small parking lot I do that I cut the plow time by 1/3. This plow will stack snow to the top of your cab too.

The light tower will go on and off in about 2 minutes, requiring 2 3/4 inch wrenches.

Here's a couple threads on the 810


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They are both good plows ,but i would agree with longo as parts and service play a big part in any snow business.It doesnt matter what type of plow you buy as they all break and they all break at the worst time(usually when you need them most at 2am or so).For this reason alone i would look at the distance you may need to travel to get parts and service.You are looking at 2 exellent plows,it would be a no brainer for me id go to whoever was closest and offered the best service.Price becomes seconday when it craps out at 2am
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i bought the blizzard last season and have yet to use it. never snowed again after i bought it. after reading the numerous past posts about the blizzard and its efficiency i dont think ill regret buying one. as far as parts ive heard, but yet confirmed, that the valves/coils are the same as those used in the fisher v's. maybe pelican can shed some light on this. as far as spare parts go its a good idea to have them regardless of the make/model plow you have. its better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.


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When it comes to v plows, the fisher and the western are basically the same. So if you have a western dealer close by stay with that. I to like the concept of the blizzard, but I have 2 western dealers with in a 1/2 drive and the nearest blizzard dealer is over an hour each way to get parts. That being said I have never needed a part during a storm I didnt have either on the truck or back in the shop.
I do believe that for most applications the blizzard would be more productive, and since they have been out for several seasons the bugs have been worked out.


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New Jersey

In my opinion if you said you wont really need the V i wouldnt get it. The V is good if you have a tight area like a loading dock or marina but for drives i dont see the purpose unless they are really long. The V along with the Blizzard have alot mor moving parts (extensions the middle hinges) more hydrolics also. More moving parts=more trouble. I would just go with a straight blade. The company I work for has never had a V plow and the owner said he has found nothing he cant do with the straight. The 10' option is nice for big drives or lots, but again more moving parts. Also availabilty of parts and reputation. The blizard hasnt been out that long compared to the western. But whatever you choose its your decision just thought id give my .02 cents.

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What I was saying is I probably will never need the V in the ^ push position. But I do want the features of the scoop and different angles.


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I would like to add my .02. I own a boss 9'2'' vplow and I like the ability to have various angles including V. I think you would be surprised at some of the applications you came come with



Re: Western

Originally posted by 90plow
The company I work for has never had a V plow and the owner said he has found nothing he cant do with the straight.
If you've never had one, how could you know:confused:

Once you go "V" you'll never go back:D

Brain, you know my vote;) if only for the parts alone.

Did you call LTB in Kennett Square?


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nw wisconsin
depending on the truck you have. ultramount western v doesnt have much ground clearance. in fact i saw one yesterday on a new chev 2500hd, had 3" of clerance on the outside edges. also on blizzard, they have to many moving parts. does work great for big parking lots,never use it on unfrozen ground.