Please do a SEARCH before starting a new thread!

Chuck Smith

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Just a reminder. Before you start a new thread, please do a search to see if the topic has been covered before. We have covered many topics here in the past 2 years.


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An advantage of using the Search option first: If the topic you're looking for HAS been covered, you'll probably have plenty of answer(s) right in front of you as opposed to posting a question & then having to wait for a reply.......................


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Thank You Chuck,

I was going to show my ignorance because my times were way off. I did a search under "time AND zone" and got squared away real quick and didn't waste anyones time with a legitimate but easily answered question.


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To use the "Search" feature, click on the word Search at the top right corner of the page - it's in blue, above the row of sponsor ads.

Once you've accessed the search page, you have several ways to go about the search: By keyword(s), for example "loader". You can also search by Username - An example of this might be looking for all posts by a particular member. (You can use both keyword and username to narrow it down a bit further)

You have some options as well, first you can choose to search all the forums or just ones that you specify.

Below the list of forums to search are 4 additional choices: Search entire posts, Search titles only, Show results as posts and Show results as threads.

Then you can choose how far back you wish to search by the dates, and you also have some choices as to how to sort the search results.

Pretty self-explanatory once you try it out, if it comes up saying there are no matches check the spelling of your keyword/username, or try a slightly different word - for example, if "skid steer" doesn't come up with any matches, try "skidsteer".

Hope this helps.

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