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For the past several weeks a Jack Hill and myself were on a visit to several snowplow and sander companies around the country.

We first visited Air Flo in western New York and saw some interesting sand and salt spreaders both large and small. We then went up to Canada ad visited the Evereste/Frink company. These folks produce nice pushers and have taken over the Frink line of snowplows.

This past Tuesday we had the pleasure of visiting SnoMan SnoPlows in Bloomfield, Iowa. Ed has a nice factory and a competent staff. Looks like some nice products coming out of this place now and in the future. We then went up to Manchester, Iowa and had a good visit with Henderson Mfg. They make plows and boxes and have some good ideas and products coming down the pike.

On Wednesday we visited the Western facility in Milwaukee and were treated well by Ryan Frederickson, who is an engeineer at Western. They too have some neat stuff on the way. We saw their boxes and their plow production.

Thursday we visited Diamond/Meyers/Swenson in Cleveland. another interesting visit and plant tour. It was good to see how your products are actually used during the manufacturing of plows and spreaders.

I can tell everyone that the companies we visited and many others not called on during these trips are truely dedicated to product develpment. Some of the smaller things you all will see soon and the more involved over the course of the years to come as develpment catches up with need and production.

vince Panaroni

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