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I have a Meyer PA plow. The plow is loose, as it wobbles side to side slightly while driving in the up position. I tightened up the nut on the center pivoit bold sevral times. It is a locknut with a nylon insert. Since it kept coming loose, I figured that the locknut's nylon insert was shot. I put a new locknut on, and used locktite. After a day of plowing, it is loose again. I see other Meyer plows wobbling going down the road.<p>I am thinking that I may drill a hole in the bolt and use a castle nut(like on a front wheel bearing) on it with a cotter pin holding it in place.<p>Any suggestions, comments, tricks, tips???


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That's the achilles heel of Meyer plows. <br>Depanding on model, they use 3 or 4 intersecting plates at the Kingpin. It's a terrible design.<p>We welded another plate on the bottom for more strength/stability. As long as the nut is not coming off, I'd deal w/ the sloppiness, that's what most of the other guys do.<p>That bolt will never stay totally tight because everytime you angle the plow, the plate in contact w/ bolt hex and the plate in contact w/ the nut move in different directions, slightly loosening the nut.<br>


I have a 7.5 foot meyer plow with the same problem, I put a new bolt in (grade 8)and welded the nut on. It has not lossened yet, if it ever gets sloppy again I will cut it off and do the same thing

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