Pictures of plowing in action anyone?


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Moline, IL
knew it!!!! Pics are to damn BIG!
If you see an "x", right-click on your mouse and choose properties. It should say Address: and then if you copy/paste that into your browser the pic should appear.

For some reason when I made a link to it, it didn't work?

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His picture may be too big, but if you click on his web site link below his signature line, you will see dozen pictures of his snowplow truck in action.

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Bad Boy - pic ain't showing up. :(

Are you linking to a photo album, or using the "attach file" feature? To attach the file, it has to be no bigger than 100K.

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Dockboy - not sure why that pic won't attach, and I'm pretty sure you've already checked this, but I'll ask anyway: is it one of the file types supported by the "attach file" feature? (gif/jpg/png/txt/zip/bmp/jpeg/doc)


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Plow Pics

This was last night. Had about 10 inches. I have close to 70 hrs plowing with the Duramax so far this season. No problems so far. More pics added to my web page.



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Ontario, Canada

Picture was taken between Christmas and New Year's, in Ontario.

We're plowing just around a foot of snow, used the truck to plow our cottage road in and out (8kms one way).


sidewing truck plowing.jpg