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Western CT
While I think it is helpful to be able to post a pic when talking about a specific thread I think a general forum for pictures would be helpful.

I have had a few people mention the idea to me. The recent threads on rig pics and action pics have made me think this is a valid request.

What do you guys think??? If I get some good responses I will contact Chuck.


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That would mean that their would be one certain spot on here that you can post all of you plow pics. right? If so I say that would be a good idea.


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New Jersey
do it i was just going to send you an e-mail and ask why there isnt one here already i would like it then all the pics would be in one spot

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Claverack, NY
I am curious if anything has been done yet because it is almost a year and half since this idea was brought up. Actually this idea has been up in the air for more than 2 years, but someone finally bought it up last year by posting on this site. We have been waiting patiently for it, and we think it is about time the picture forum become an additional to this site.

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