Pics of GMC 5500


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Nice truck Foz .How is the overall performace of the truck? Have been hearing that it gets very bad millage because of some defect that they have to fix.So what is the set up on the truck what kind of dump is it an auto.How does it drive and is it easy to manuver?


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1. Plows are 10 ft wide vee, approx 35" tall

2. I did take it over a 550. Needed to add a second dump so we ended up trading 1 F550 for 2 of the GMC 5500. F550 wasn't a bad truck, but local service is not even in the same ballgame as our local GMC dealer. The GMC trucks are a completely different class of truck, more like a larger truck as oppossed to the Ford being an overgrown 1 ton. Time will tell, we had 4WD on Ford & GMC are 2 wheel, but we spec'd to our needs. Will update as we get more use of them.

3. Trucks have a 6 speed manual tranny & first couple of tanks we are getting about 10 MPG as seen in pic - loaded with salt & plow on front. To compare, the Ford F550 was getting 7 - 8 MPG.

4. GMC are as manuverable as a reg cab pickup, in fact I think they turn better than my pickups
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