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    Hello again PlowSite community,

    I wanted to post a quick note to let you know that the homepage of PlowSite will experience a major upgrade next week. We’re always looking for ways to improve our users’ experience on the site, and felt that this upgrade was needed and long overdue.

    With this upgrade, you’ll now see the top trending posts as soon as you visit PlowSite, and these will be updated throughout the day. You can also easily access videos and photos. As always, we encourage you to include videos and photos in your own posts to share with your fellow PlowSite users.

    Be assured that all of the forums, content and data that you’ve been accustomed to will remain intact, as will all current site features. You’ll also be able to easily access the full list of forums directly from our new homepage.

    We’re excited to bring you this change, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Thanks, PlowSite Team

Pics from this week


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Wish I would have had all that white fluffy stuff instead of all the snow tan sleet than freezing rain we got in the southern part of the state. Just woke up from 3 days of hell.
Still like the pics, and nice looking truck.


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Northern Indiana
Mike S;518592 said:
Texas Road House!!!!!!!!!! Do you get free food like we do? I love that deal!!!!!!!!!!
Yes we do. Not all the time but they never have a prob cookin up critter fingers when i've been out a long day. Great place to work for if you trust the mgr. Ours says it is policy to not sign contracts. Ive workrd w/ 3 and never have a prob. with them.