Pets that ride shotgun

I'm sitting here with my dog staring and growling at me. He wants to get out and go for a ride in the truck.

He is my PR director, at times. He tells the ladies at the Tim Horton's drive through that we are busy and on a very important mission, and he needs several sugar Timbits to ensure the mission is a success.

He also gives me a dirty look when the going gets ruff and we hit something before he has activated all the appropriate reverse thrusters.

Anybody else enjoy the company of a pet??

Eric ELM

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Now the saying under your signiture makes more sense. :)

I have a 17 year old Blue Front Amazon that is right next to me by the puter and she proof reads all my posts for me. If there is any mispelled words in my posts, it is all her fault. She can be very distracting at times when she is talking too much, but is a lot of fun.

Before our dog passed on, she used to ride with me when plowing. They are a lot of company and I never had to worry about leaving my truck running and unlocked while running into a 7-11 for coffee since she was a Doberman.

slplow Veteran
Are labs are too crazy to plow with. One is afraid of the plow dropping and scrapping and stays on my lap. The other one sees people and tries to protect the vehicle and goes ballistic barking and lunging from window to window to get to them. Hard to back up by mirrors when there is a dog sticking his head out the window.

Alan Addict
Hank (Chocolate Lab) rides with me a lot, and a couple times plowing so far. He's still a youngun, 16 weeks, but he learned real quick that a puppy CANNOT fall when they're on the floor. HIS blanket is there for just that purpose.

slplow, not trying to be a wiseass here, but you might want to consider some basic training if your Labs are that badly behaved.

Pineisland, Kenai looks like MY kinda dog! Does he/she give you dirty looks when you miss the occasional bird?

I had both Hank and his bro Remington (daughters dog) with me the other day, Remis first plow excursion, and he hasn't learned the importance of full reverse thrust yet. He was against the dash a couple times, followed shortly by scrambling in the coffee cups on the floor (I forgot the blanket).

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New Haven, CT
Here's my sidekick

I bring my dog Eli to work everyday. He's more popular than me, since some people come to the shop with their kids just to see him!!!!

He only goes plowing occasionally with me. He'll drive normally forever, but would much rather lie down in a warm room than go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth... you get the idea.

He's in charge of greeting customers at the nursery and in our office. Here he is posed with some Gold Spot Euonymus.


SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I have two dogs, a Husky and a Boxer. I think Bear, the husky, would be fine riding with me, as he's done before... but Max, the boxer, is still a little young. He's very hyper. Unfortunately, if I take Bear with me and not Max, max would go ballistic around the house with no one to pick on.

Maybe I'll try it next outing...

Phil... your boxer looks a lot like mine, only once mine is a little more grown up. Great dogs, but so far, not the smartest animals in the bunch.


Bob's Lawn Care

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I have a 5 year old chocolate lab that rides shotgun when I plow. You cant ask for a better companion for plowing, he is alwasys ready to go for a ride, even if it is 5:00 AM.

Eric ELM

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Go to my website, click on links, then click on computer, then click on Post a Picture, it tells how to do this. I got tired of sending emails to everyone that asked. I hope this helps.

John DiMartino Veteran
Sammy,my 105 lb German shepard ,loves to ride with me,but he is just to big in the cab and cant properly brace himself when stacking,so i only take him summer time,he goes to the golf course every day,running up to 25+ miles a day,cooling off in the ponds and the sprinkers all day,he has the life.In the winter he loves to chase our snowmobiles around our 22 acres.Security at my house is not a problem,Sammy's presence in my yard and huge6" paw prints in the snow are all smart thieves need to see.Ill post a pic when I can figure out this scanner.

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Well, she doesn't ride around with me but anytime I'm in the garage working on the truck our shop cat "Jaws" is right there. Curls up on the seat and snoozes, doesn't even seem to mind the air tools. Now if we could just keep her off the truck AFTER I've washed it...

1975 GMC C-35


I have 3, a Black Lab, Beagle and a 200 pound giant Mastiff. The Beagle hates being in the truck. The Lab (Bear) loves it but he don't like the windshield wippers, I broke him of trying to bite them and now he just sits there and growl's whenever there on, but other then that he's great to have around. Ben, the Mastiff, he also loves the truck but he don't have much room to lay down when he gets tired and with him it don't take long. Just to sit in the truck, he has to sit with his butt in the seat and he's front feet on the floorboard, looks a little funny and it sure turns a lot of heads.......Kraco_1

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Dayton, Ohio USA
My chihuahua Chubbos (first one to discover food in the litter) wears his parka and rides in the truck with the wife and I. Only trouble with that is he thinks he is the boss. Nice to have that reliable a friend and the looks of unconditional love bring you up when you are "dog" tired.

Happy Plowing

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