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Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by JTS Landscaping & Lawn Service, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. i have a 99 gmc 2500 old body and am looking to add some more horse power to it. what would be some good things to do to it. i have a throttle body spacer and looking to get a jet chip anything else.
  2. Bry@n

    Bry@n Senior Member
    Messages: 159

    Typically the TBS will not do much if anything at all. The best place to start would be a air filter or intake, chip and exhaust. The chip will be the biggest bang for the buck.
  3. rayf268

    rayf268 Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    if you can find a shop or bend it yourself true duel exhaust will give you a noticeable increase . and make it sound nice and rumble . headers are not the much thrue summitracing or local advanced auto parts .
  4. when i bought the truck it did have have 3" true dual on it so thats good and i do like the sound radal the cab a little and i put 4" tips on it. im know for sure definitally getting a chip and think ill go with the the whole cold air intake to right know
  5. RYDER

    RYDER Senior Member
    Messages: 281

    Try some power pulleys, K&N air filter, or a Tornado.
  6. Joe D

    Joe D Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    Get a Westers tune for it. It will give it some power. Not a whole lot you can do just bolting on. Even the exhaust is not much gain as the 8600lb trucks had nice front pipes with dual cats, changing the muffler is good idea but thats about the only restricion there.
  7. rayf268

    rayf268 Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    send me a check if you are thinking about the tornado . you would get the same gain .
    sorry ryder I had one the only thing I got from it was cuts on my hands .
    I always kept good account of my MPG and saw not gain .
  8. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    theres not alot you can do with out hurting other areas.

    kn- fpik kit-- done
    exhaust 3inch with flow masters- done
    custom tune - done (same as westin)

    i could drop cash for a set of headers but why?

    i dont care for pulleys on a work truck. as it will work your other items harder . espically your alternater.

    head work. cams. that would be the next place to work on.

    with those mods you could start upgrading fuel system. hot truer spark.