People want prices but need help making them

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    I'm just starting out and my phone rings off the hook everytime a snow storm comes around. I have and F250 7.3 diesel and I'm almost positive im going to buy a Western Wide out. Any thoughts on that for a 4 door super duty 7.3 diesel? I also need help figuring out ways to charge. I have been told change a flat rate for every time I have to do clear a drive way/ parking lot and some guys have told me to do it by the inch. Any thoughts?

    Much appreciated, thanks guys!
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    Since you are from CT I can give you some advice.
    First that rig is huge for plowing driveways. Very few drive's are going to have the space for you to turn depending on what part of the state you are in. If you are going to do drives, learn your truck well, practice with the blade because it is going to be easy to do a lot of damage with a truck that size. A 4 door truck on drives is something I have rarely seen and I spent a long time in CT plowing before I moved on.

    To figure out your pricing you have to figure out your costs. How much does it cost you to run the truck for an hour in fuel, repairs, insurance, and any other costs you may have. That is how you figure it out. When I was plowing full time if it wasn't $50 an hour minimum it wasn't worth doing.

    Commercial and residential are very different. Commercial triggers are going to be a lot lower than a residential. In this state 2 inches tends to be the trigger for a residential, but commercials need to be cleared on dusting. Some places do billing by the hour for commercial, some by the job. Remember you have to judge it by the size of the job. Usually on a Commercial/residential its X for up to 6 inches and any inch after is y additional because of the heavy load on the truck. Figure out your trigger clauses etc. You need a Blizzard clause because for the over 6 because if you have a dump like the last few storms where you can't plow more than once, that work/effort on the truck is deadly.

    Commercial contracts differ, and need to be a good written contract. Some commercials want salting, and sidewalks, etc. Know what they want and have it in writing so that they cannot come back at you later.

    Whatever you do, make sure you get insurance before plowing.

    Good luck
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    your truck will work fine for drives
    I use a crew cab and it is awesome
    we charge a flat rate and it is a per push price
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    here in montreal ... we charge ... for all winter .... like 1 car drive way its 250$ for the whole season ...
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    I hope your charging alot more than $250 for the entire season? At that price, I'd be broke after 7-8 visits...
  6. justme-

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    Same here I don't drop the blade for less then $25 - that's 10 pushes- I charge per pass- it's the same amount of work to plow the drive the first 4 inches as the 3rd 4 inches...
    and a 4 door is big for drives in a conjested area- out in the midwest you may have more room in a drive then here, I dunno but I know you'd NEVER get a good job done in 95% of the driveways around here in one, especially if you're a single operator not running a landscaping business. They get choice on the largest drives here because they are the ones already there doing work.
  7. JTVLandscaping

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    That's $250 CANADIAN

  8. Dr Who

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    I see people using crew cabs to plow with, but I would hate to use one in a resy drive. Most of the time I am cussing my LWB 3/4 ton.. Love to have a jeep jeep (CJ or Wrangler) or at least a smaller truck for the resy work..
    Had a Grand Wagoneer and was great till the frame rusted in two, can't bring myself to buy another as I jsut sold 4 this year LOL

    as for the rate if yo udo not know your exact operating costs then figure out what you think you could make money at per lot/push, then double it and go from there.
  9. Dr Who

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    at least its not 250 Pesos (I think that is how you spell Mexican Money)

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    i have a reg cab 2500HD with an 8ft bed. it is tight in some drives but it makes up for it in power and the amount of snow it can push in the bigger drives. i also have some with me that shovels/ snowblows the walks and anything i cant reach with the truck
  11. mchur01

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    We charge per push depending on the size of the drive, commercial, or residential. We also have a chepaer cleanup price in the event that the city or county plows blow a bunch of crap back up into the drive, our contracts also cover during times of excessive snow fall we will plow every x-amount of inchs.
    Your vehicle will handle a Western just fine.
  12. justme-

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    250.00 CAD = 253.495 USD Thumbs Up
  13. PreZiCion

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    hey guys .... 250$ is more then enuff ... it take 5minute not even to do 1 car spot ... at 250$ for the season .. ... so if u do it like ... what i did it ummm 10 time this years not even ... so 10x5 is 50min ... not even 1 hours ... so im not broke at all.

    a house drive way with 4 cars ... its 600$ not more then that ... no shoveling or salt ... that Extra but most of the poeple dont want that so ;)
  14. kingriver

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    We do both Commercial & Residential. Of course commercial is based on rate for each business. We make all of the residential plowing contracts a flat rate for all, single car driveway, or 4 car, Still in business only thing affecting profit is the da** price of fuel, $4.11 a gallon for Super.
  15. plowman4life

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    if its a CC short bed not a big deal just remember that your gonna add about 3.5 feet to the front of it if not more. if its a cc long bed your probobly gonna have a hard time in driveways as that is a land yacht with a plow on it.