Payment Late...More snow on the way

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JTVLandscaping, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I have a senior living apartment building and payment was due on January 15th, Still haven't been paid. The contract reads that I charge a 15% late fee and reserve the right to suspend services after 10 days past due. Big storm on the way and I guess I'm not really sure what to do here. Going by the contract, it seems simple, just don't show up. My concern is if we get say a foot of snow, and then they pay me...the extra work of not plowing with the storm isn't worth the 15% charge to me. I've always done per push and this is my first year of seasonals so this part, I'm new at. Thanks!
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    also what if you dont go and you get home and the check is waiting for you, i think of the worst case senerio. then you look like an ass and might loose the contract come spring over a silly mistake, id give them one more shot because it might be worth it in the end.
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    Call them and ask where your payment is? Advise them that if you do not have it immediately that you will suspend services. Works everytime!
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    X2 a phone call and a warning should do it
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    Gotta love the gamble of being in business.

    I would call them, if you have a good storm on the way, you will get your money. payup
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    I would ask them where it is. If they have a reasonable answer and have always paid in the past, I would plow them anyway. I have seen our great postal system loose stuff for more than 2 weeks.
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    Simple phone call. Remember they are in business too.
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    You may be able to suspend services, but I'll bet according to state, or local law, you need to notify them with some sort of written notice. Even though your contract doesn't list a time frame, or say in writing, you still need to do what ever is legal.
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    Like others have said,communication is key.Feel them out,if they're nice and apologetic for the lateness and they say the check will be sent out ASAP,then fine,plow the lot,don't incur the penalty fee.Now if they're contrite and not willing to understand you need payment,then calmly explain you will not plow again until you see the check.If they're still being arrogant at that point,explain to them that you will shout from the highest rooftop to EVERY plower in the area that they are deadbeats and not to plow them. Always works.
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    Folks in our office used to complain about "collection", but it turned out, that mostly they were just waiting for the money to come in.

    If it's been 2 weeks since the bill was due, I'd have called them at least 3 times by now. How do you know they got the bill, the person responsible isn't sick or out of town, etc. They might even have mailed you the check, but you didn't get it.

    Call them!
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    Most commercial places pay on 30 days, by law youmust give at least 30 days before charging any additional fees for late payment.
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    I'd suggest faxing a letter and saving the confirmation, also send same via email and certified mail. DEMAND payment by xxxx on such and such date. If payment is not hand delivered or electronically deposited in your account by that time, on that date cut them off. Be sure to include a statement that extra charges may/will be incurred if snow is allowed to accumulate beyond the normal trigger depth in your contract.

    Also FYI- locally heathcare/senior living facilites are notoriously slow payers, generally good for it, but I had a guy ask me for 90 day terms, I got a good chuckle......
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    Thanks for the help, I planned to call them but was seeing what replies I got, since I don't always get to speak with the one in charge of paying. I called and she said "I guess we forgot" and I guess they're sending out payment. Thanks again guys!