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Central CT
Im looking over a proposal I recieved to have my driveway replaced, and part of the specs mentions paving with 3 inches of "class 2 blacktop." What is class 2 blacktop, in relation to class 1 or 3 or whatever, and would it be suitable for a driveway?

The contractor is providing a 5 year warranty but my concern is that he not use the large aggregate stuff usually reserved for rough bottom course.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the subject.

I think it is applied in layers like this:
Base Coat
Top Coat

I know that when Pop talks about his days working construction he mentions a 12/6 compaction ratio. He always states that it should be laid out in 12 inch increments and the compacted to 6 inches because thats how the state specs used to read.

I will ask him when I see him tomorrow and let you know more then.

Good Luck this season!

guido Veteran

When they lay driveway's they usually don't do it in lifts, its usually 6" (3" compacted) and thats it. What you were describing was when building a road.

Bill, your best bet is to call Tomasso Bros. or O&G, etc and ask them what they're giving out for class 2 asphalt.

You should be okay though, for your driveway, the fine aggregate would give the best appearance.

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
The most important thing is the base.How much Item 4 is he putting down as a base?
If it was my driveway this is what I would spec

Install 8-10 inches of Item 4 as a good base

4-5 inches of basecoat asphalt(binder)

2-3 inches of topcoat asphalt

All this should be compacted with at least a 3-5 ton roller,maybe larger if the driveway is new.

Good Luck

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New Haven, CT
Sieve size I think

Bill -

By now you probably already checked out the web, but I think that it relates to the amount of aggregate that fits through a certain size sieve. I think that this size is good for driveways because it won't separate easily, but isn't big (1 1/4"+). The finer stuff, like for curbs might be nicer looking, but will crumble when turned on. The binder probably has larger stones and a different aggregate to asphalt ratio. Check out the Asphalt sites, or I found had a sieve chart on it but it wasn't formatted very well.

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Central CT
I discovered class 2 is 3/4 inch screen aggregate. Fine by me.

The driveway will be 6 inches 1 1/2 inch clear stone, followed by 3 inches process stone, followed by 3 inches compacted to 2 of class 2 blacktop. Pretty standard for residential driveways in this area. Others with this makeup have held up well 10+ years (far back as I checked references).

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