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Does anyone know of a good source for older model Dodge truck parts ? I had someone ask me about where he could get parts for a 1975 W200 model Dodge the other day but I had no ideas. (Not sure that was the correct model, but I do remember that it is one of the snofiter models.) I did a search using Google, got a couple of pretty good looking hits but after he called the companies, he generally got the 'we don't do that anymore / we don't carry parts for that model, only the real vintage models' kind of response. Fortunately, the truck is running pretty good right now, but he was looking for a place he can get some parts when the inevitable happens.
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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Rooster: 1'st post at 9:30 pm mentioning the link, 2'nd post at 3:00 am saying "Finally found the link".

Now THAT's dedication! ;) :D

Joking aside, thanks for posting that link because it covers a l-o-t of different makes/models - including my own "rare bird" 1977 Mercury Capri (the ones built over in Eurpoe)

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Dodge had the longest running body style. I believe it's 1969 - 1991, that the body style stayed the same, and most parts will interchange.



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72-93 Dodge trucks are VERY simular, but there are some differences.

Dodge Trucks from 72-80 used the same sheetmetal (more or less)
81-93 used the same sheetmetal

The FRAMES from 72-93 are almost identical, and can be interchanged, as can most suspension/driveline parts (some will require a little work, but no real issues)


What type of parts was your friend looking for? I've got a couple of connections for parts....have him contact me, and I'll see what I can do to help out.

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