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Parts for JACOBSEN snowblower


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Anybody have a good source of JACOBSEN parts? Called all over the US for P/N 159115 Pinion & SPKT


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Jason... Thanks for the lead...however they didn't have it either.
Give me a day and I'll go through some supplier catalogs - I know there's a HUGE outdoor equipment supplier in the state (bills itself as the largest in the world - I've been there and I could believe it!). Anyway I know they could get it for you. They got a really hard to find part for me off of a Simplicity Snowblower that was out of production (all other sources just laughed at me and suggested that I scrap the machine). It only took 6 days. If you have a part number, it'll be a breeze. We just call up now with a credit card number and order the hard to find parts and they ship them right to us.
They're called Weingartz. I'm pretty sure they have a website. If you need the phone #, let me know. I'll get it for you. Good luck - let me know how it goes.

phone 810-731-7240

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