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    Hi, Guys

    I have a small lot in Forest Hills, NY I plow this lot when the cars are in there parking spaces it is a 12 family house. The lot is small so I cannot detail as well as I normally do. My question is the tenants are complaining to the landlord that they want there spots shoveled is this normal for the landlord to have to shovel out there cars or just open up the driveway areas. When i plow i get pretty close to the cars and never leave a barrier of snow behond any ones cars.
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    Quote just make sure you get back in there during a time when a good bit of the cars are gone. And if theres cars in the way you dont have super powers so they will just have to walk threw the snow how dare they get there pant legs wet
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    Thanks they actually want me to shovel in between each car. I told him no problem but the price is going to change. I was looking to see if there were any crazy rules that apply in NY I never hread about. we have lots of rules here.

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    dam dummies are too lazy to move theyre car, either lay on the stebel horn tillthey all come down or get straight pipes and keep her in low floored till they all get up :laughing:
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    Don't shovel between cars, next thing you'll be accused of scratching them.
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    "There"………....I'm going over there.

    "Their"………….That is their house.

    "They're"…….…(Contraction meaning "They are") They're not coming over.

    Just trying to help.
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    Wow, talk about lazy tenants. I'd have been thrilled if a plow contractor shoveled my car when i've rented apartments etc. Either i shoveled myself or would move my car when the plow showed up.
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    tell them to if at all possible park on 1 sid of the lot when snow is coming. then plow it. and in 12-24 hr range come back after thay move there cars and plow the rest.

    and dont get sucked in to there ( i dont like to move snow ) crap with cleaning between cars.

    if anything go back and review the contract i hope you have on this deal. its all writen out to who does what.
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    Set up a notice on each entrance to the building stating time lines as to when you will be back to clear the remainder of the lot. I do 6 apartments, all of them are between 24 hours from snow ending normally between 12-4pm the next to day since people do work.

    Charge accordingly

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    thank you spelling nazi i appreciate your efforts
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    My pleasure.
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    I have a 49 unit senior apartment, I make them all park in one spot, don't care where, just all consolidate. I plow with the storm and once at the end. My deal is the property manager will coordinate the moving of the cars and call me when everything is done. At my next opportunity, I go back and finish up. I will go 1 time for cleanup, if they aren't moved by then, it doesn't get least not for free. I don't wait for them, I don't make multiple trips, I have money to make, and if my money maker is idling while I wait, I'm not happy
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    Thanks for all your input. I told them if they move there cars when I'm there I will glady clean there parking spot. As for the shoveling I'm not getting involved with that. :salute:
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    Don't shovel between cars, next thing you'll be accused of scratching them.

    X 2
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    I do a parking lot for a 8 family apartment house and i told the owner that i would be there by 8am and every 4-6" of snow afterwards but no definite time after the morning plowing. I instructed him that when i plow the lot the renters have 30 minutes to move their cars or they are SOL Thumbs Up. In that 30 minutes i usually get coffee and help clean up a parking lot for the local hardware store owned by some friends. Then i drive by to see if anyone moved, i would say about 10% of the time one or two cars will be moved and i only clean out where they were and i leave. Dont like it, too bad!! The owner has been cool about this agreement for 3yrs now and i just got a $50 tip this month from him to boot.