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parking garage help!!!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by pvtben121, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. pvtben121

    pvtben121 Senior Member
    Messages: 226

    i do 3 parking garage roofs two of which are no problem since we can get a truck up there.

    the one with the problem is six stories high and the building is too short for a f350 4x4 to use. so it is very small on top maybe 40 parking spaces at the most.
    i have a kubota RTV900 with a 5 ft curtis blade with a rubber edge that will fit on top of the garage. using this doesnt scrape the lot very well but it only takes 30 mins to plow. the rtv works great when the snow is fluffy. but when the snow is wet and heavy i cant move it. it then turns into a night mare to melt it with calcium.
    so long story short. i dont want to buy a 4x4 ranger to plow one place and i think a snow blower would take 2 hours. any suggestions? like a walk behind power broom?
  2. Citytow

    Citytow Senior Member
    from phila
    Messages: 548

    close the roof top parking to cars . snow only .
  3. snocrete

    snocrete Banned
    Messages: 2,862

    trade the Kubota in for a Bobcat 3650 w/blower
  4. buildinon

    buildinon Senior Member
    Messages: 583

    We do several parking garages and have one that is similar to what you are describing. What we ended up doing was using a skid steer there with a HLA 6-11 Snowwing on it. It fits up the ramp height wise without an issue, and with the HLA we have the option of a box plow or a plow up there. It is an investment but it was worth it for that site and the other that we do. We also use a Jeep Wrangler on a few sites that have similar issues.