Parking break cable

Does anyone have an extra main Parking break cable (the one that connects the two cables coming out of the rear drums?)I have the cable that goes from the cab under by the transmission, and the cable studs coming out of the drums, I need the cable and connections anyone willing to sell any?

Chuck Smith

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Just about any auto parts store should be able to get that if they don't have it in stock.

Get yourself an LMC Truck catalog. You'd be surprised how cheap (and expensive) some parts are. LMC has just about everything you'd need to build a truck from the ground up. Anyone that doesn't have their catalog is really missing out. The catalog is free on their website.

Hey Rob (75) I meant to tell you to get one of their catalogs if you don't have one already. They have all the chassis crossmembers and spring hangers, brackets, etc. May come in handy for your project.


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Thanks for the link to LMC Chuck, I will check it out and get me-self a catalog!

On second thought, that might be a dangerous thing to do - the J&P Cycles catalog I got recently looks like it may end up costing me a few $$$ once the Harley arrives home........ ;)

Blzn74 - Chuck's right, those cables should be readily available just about anywhere. The way the d&@% things seize up in "salt-belt" areas, there's plenty of them sold.................... :mad:


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YOU dont have an LMC catalog? Just find that shocking, thats all. Also another good parts catalog, Golden State Pickups, something like that. They arent as good as LMC though.


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LOL Rich - most of the time when it comes to parts, I either gut a donor truck and then scrap it, or just build what I need from scatch.

Repair parts such as U-joints, brake hoses, brake compoenents etc I simply buy locally.

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