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How many of you have ever hit a parked car? I think that i hit a few while plowing for the town but who knows what you hit when the snows deep and you have been out for a while.

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Yah, I it one, my customers car, I try to put the plow in the trunk, Doing a very nice hole with the plow flap, It was a nice corolla aboe 88 and we find the part in the junkyard and made them happy. A little bit too tired.

not for that little girl who was late for her job a 6:30 in a big storm. She hit my plow at 6:40 in 75 mph downhill, what a can openner, make a lots of 360 and then stop by the curbs and broke the others 2 wheels, the side who it the plow was open bumper to bumper tires included. When the police saw where the hits happen up the hill, the speed limit was 30.

That was her last suzuki samurai trip, and me i go back to plow 1 hrs latter with a 1"X 1" "damage" on the plow.


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5 in one slide

I lost control of a 5 ton dump one night on a rather steep hill and hit 5 parked cars before hitting a dry patch and stopping . The DPW division I worked at in 1993 when the blizzard hit put a stack of accident report forms in the drivers lunch room with a sign that said "Fill one out as needed, turn in ALL accident reports with route sheets and salt logs ". Think we were having a bad day ??? :D


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