PA/NJ GETiN Lucky WEd & FRI???

Discussion in 'Weather' started by iceyman, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. iceyman

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    wats everybody thinkin for wed and friday... suposed to come right across and thru Pa and Nj and hopefully leave sumthing to plow... whats everyone thinkin for this week...:confused:payup
  2. fatboyNJ

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    you just jinxed it....lolj/k

    hopefully we get summin, im not even concerned about it for myslef more fo rmy father can make more money, he pulled 10 hours the last joke of a storm....if we get real snow he'll be at the lot for a day or so
  3. grandview

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  4. 2dogs2

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    Seeing is believing !! They haven't predicted a storm right yet this season.
  5. vanwhyjr

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    It's already down too just flurries for today. Lets see how much they reduce it for Friday. I hope it stays all snow though. My salt supply can't handle much more of that Sleet and freezing rain crap!!! :realmad: