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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Mar 11, 2001.

  1. GeoffD

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    Ok 24" on tuesday 8" on saturday.

    Lots have been pushed back with loaders several times. We have been haulen snow all week long. Our snow dump is full. Residential drives have been pushed back and up 2X times this year. They can't be pushed up much more.

    We need some melting up here. Or our snow dump will be expanded into the trees. They say more snow for tuesday and maybe Saturday.

    Is anyone else having problems like this?

  2. John Allin

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    Ain.t life GRAND !!
  3. 75

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    The lot is shrinking.......

    My plowing right now is strictly "in house", and at my workplace the lot (a nuisance at the best of times!) has been getting progressively smaller. Hopefully, now that March is well underway we won't have too many more snowfalls to try and find a place for.
  4. BRL

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    BAD attitude Rob, you get 3 demerits. Geoff, I'm definitely jealous, keep on stackin'!
  5. bdemir

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    God i wish i had those problems. Just kidding, Warm weather is on its way soon for us in michigan.

  6. OP

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
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    It has gotten so bad up here, that an exevator that own an old gravel pit, that is currently closed. Is going to the state to see if he can dump snow in it. I guess local dpws that have never haulled snow before are looking for places to dump. They can only fit so many loads around the shop.

  7. Rooster

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    Send the snow down here to Kansas, we have plenty of room!!!
  8. SlimJim Z71

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    I've got the solution!!!

    Start dumping it all on my accounts so I can make some freakin money!!!!!

  9. 75

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    BRL - Sorry! I don't know what got into me! I'll go stand in the corner now.........

    Seriously, I kind of wish I'd had access to a loader this season. Part of the problem too, was that the planned autumn lot cleanup only got partway done. When it started snowing in November, I wasn't able to push the snow as far out as I would have preferred. Wasn't a big problem at the time, but this year the snow never went away so now it's "invading our space". Lesson learned there for next season.
  10. plowjockey

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    Come on down to warm and sunny, flowers bloomin', grass is startin' to grow, Ohio.
    Snow?? Is that the stuff I keep seein' in them pictures?

  11. CT18fireman

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    I got all the snow from a tight condo near me piled in my backyard. LOL Neighbors give me weird looks and GF is upset she has lost her view. Oh well it will melt before she opens the pool.
  12. site

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    Now all my guys understand why I say "push it all the way back every time". We are definately in trouble if another big one comes. People are starting to complain about how much snow is in their yards. I can't wait for spring
  13. Eric ELM

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    We sure don't have that problem around Chicago. We have all sorts of room to push snow. It's to warm to snow and to cold for the grass to grow. We have been in between for the past 2.5 months. We might have some snow here Friday. :)
  14. OP

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
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    Well we got another 7" today. Just pushed it up as far a possible. The key is don't complain about the snow, and we haven't. As soon as you complain it will all end, or you will get none the next year. However we do complain about the lack of room.

    However with the biz being run on mostly seasonal contracts, if it snows or not we are still maken money.

  15. BRL

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    You know, I seem to remember our buddies Eric & Tim complaining about the same problem back in December, word for word. Now you guys know how we all felt when we had to read that ;) Pushing snow all the way as far as it can go was the first lesson I learned the hard way when I got into this biz. And its not one I'm going to forget, no matter how many non snow years we get in between.
    My guys are always looking at me like I'm crazy when I make them do that, because the last 3 years (before current one) have been real busts around here for snow, so they don't remember what its like to have this problem.
  16. 4 Saisons

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    Same problem around here...

    usually we have a lot of melting period during the whole winter, but this years, not enough sun and temperature stay all the time under freezing point, last week we got our 2 first HOT day. So all the snow is still on the ground ( 30-36"). This is a big difference on the snow "storage". last years we were on grass with some snow spot, winter sport will last one month more than usually this years.

    we had 5-6" today, 3" yesterday and still snowing for another 4" tomorow morning.

    take a look on this snow map. http://www.meteomedia.com/cartes/neige/canada_es.shtml
    I think Geoff is in the middle of the dark spot on the east coast.

    So keep on the goog works, as far as i can see on the forcast each day will bring some snow....rooming....rooming is the key to reach the end.

    Rob, i saw a job for you today, a broken mount in a middle of a driveway, i think the guys work with is truck like it was a loader.
  17. MJ

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    Geoff, you got 7" yesterday? We only got about 1". Then sleet on top of that. Didn't even bother pushing it. I've got some pretty high piles, too. This is my first year plowing and I'm glad I had this site to learn from. Pushing back as far as possible is one of the first things I learned, so I pushed even the first two incher way back. A few snows later it was pretty clear why. Just last weekend a neighbor asked me if I was getting closed in. Seemed kind of disappointed when I said "no".

  18. 75

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    Denis - further proof that pickup + plow does not = loader/skidsteer! We'd be glad to come and fix that fellow's plow: Let's see, travel from Orillia (On) to Sherbrooke (Que) + time + material = lots of $$$! :D

    Seriously, we seem to get lots of plows to fix either when it is snowing heavily (needs to be fixed NOW!) or near the end of the season, when everyone's trying to move banks back and a season(s) worth of hard use catches up.
  19. Mark Oomkes

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    Boo freakin' hoo. lol. Same problem as Eric and Tim.
  20. 4 Saisons

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    got another 4" today and STILL snowing for another 3"...Where is the emergency stop button for the snow. All this snow came directly from the lake effect.

    JAA stop your snow fabric...lol

    This week it's ok, but next week i have inroom university class about grass and after that I need to finalize my summer preparation.

    Slim jim i gave you the rest of my seasons.