Out of gas...

I was driving my 1981 chevy 4x4 hd 3/4ton on less than 1/4tank, for a day when I finally ran out of gas, Having dual tanks I thought of just switching over to my other tank when I switched over, the needle went bizzare and almost did a 360 on my dial.To make a long story short, no gas was getting to my carb, anyway I finally got the truck home, trouble shot some things, replaced a 15 dollar fuel pump, ( this is where I getting at), the stock fuel pump had 2 hoses going into the pump and the steel 3/8 pipe going to the carb, the aftermarket pump only has 1 port for the fuel hoses, I hooked it up, the carb is now getting fuel, but when I come to a stop, the truck wants to die, any thoughts?


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I think the original pump had a return line to the tank, hence 2 lines. The replacement has only one si it is forcing fuel to the carb at a pressure high enough to push the needle off the seat and flood out.