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Our new Tornado

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by 3311, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    Just installed our new Tornado 2.5 yard spreader.


  2. Bruce'sEx

    Bruce'sEx Senior Member
    Messages: 873

    Thats the model with the adjustable chute? Are you planing to lower it or works better that high?
  3. ultimate plow

    ultimate plow PlowSite.com Addict
    from N. IL
    Messages: 1,770

    Damm that thing is huge! Looks awsome. So did western work all the problems out that they had with the 1st generation models? Again nice setup Triton
  4. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    If I lower it it will hit my reese hitch. I think it will spread better up high. Hope to find out soon.
  5. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    Looks big. It holds 2.5 yards of material. Western went with two motors on this one. One for the chain drive drag and one for the spinner.Hope it was worth the money.
  6. dlcs

    dlcs 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,160

    WOW, its a monster. Looks nice, whats the price on that one?
  7. Pristine PM ltd

    Pristine PM ltd PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,891

    I saw the Blizzard version today. It is a big looking beast, 7600 CAD.
  8. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    That's alot of spreader for a single wheel truck. Hopefully DD did their homework with this one and it will be a winner. Kinda bummed they went back to the bed chain. I really like the belt in mine.
  9. Cooter24

    Cooter24 Senior Member
    from NE Iowa
    Messages: 268

    How hard was the wiring? What apmerage do these draw? New spreader looks sweet.
  10. Chrisxl64

    Chrisxl64 Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 574

    BIG SOB, whats the dry weight on it?
  11. stroker79

    stroker79 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,802

    Thats some serious tupperware! Looks good!

    So do you happen to have your beds still from the 08s?
  12. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    It would only be topped off for a short time. We do the building we are in and 3 others next door.
  13. snocrete

    snocrete Banned
    Messages: 2,862

    Nice unit.!!!!!!!!....I looked at some the other day when I picked up my new taigate spreader.
  14. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    Picking it up today, Can't wait to try it out,
  15. musclecarboy

    musclecarboy 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,303

    WOW Thornhill Lawn gave me a price of $5600 for the 1.8yd
  16. 4evergreenlawns

    4evergreenlawns Senior Member
    Messages: 552

    WOW that looks just like Steve's from Triton Snow and Ice Controls truck. But your user name is 3311. Did Steve sell the company of Millions wesport and not give me a chance to make an offer???:confused:

    Ron G.
  17. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    shouldn't you be on another site irritating them?:laughing::laughing::laughing:
  18. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332

    After adding 3 leafs per side.

    tornado 3.jpg
  19. 4evergreenlawns

    4evergreenlawns Senior Member
    Messages: 552

  20. 3311

    3311 Senior Member
    Messages: 332