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Our First Plow

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by ComSweep, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. ComSweep

    ComSweep Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    This is a picture of our first plow. Next year it goes on something smaller and the Dodge gets a V-Plow. Lots of fun in 6 in. Wish I knew more about it. But, I'm learning fast.


  2. groundbreakers

    groundbreakers Senior Member
    Messages: 828

    this last snow fall we recieved in detroit, mi i noticed a few more of those snowbears around ... infact i just used mine last night to clear a automotive upholstry shop around the corner from my house and a hardware store parking lot .... stacked pile 6 feet in height ... 3 times the height of the plow ...
  3. Supper Grassy

    Supper Grassy Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    Nice truck
  4. JohnnyU

    JohnnyU 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,040

    Wait wait wait, you're plowing commercially with a snowbear?

  5. TLB

    TLB Senior Member
    Messages: 275

    do you have to lift that by hand?
  6. Winter Land Man

    Winter Land Man Senior Member
    Messages: 723

    I think it's electric on that plow.
  7. TLB

    TLB Senior Member
    Messages: 275

    Hard to tell by the pic, you would need some big arms to lift that:dizzy:
  8. KCB

    KCB Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    Hahaha lift it by handwesport might as well get out and push the truck too....;)
  9. groundbreakers

    groundbreakers Senior Member
    Messages: 828

    i use mine on a few small commercials .... need some pics of proof ??
  10. Fordistough

    Fordistough Senior Member
    from USA
    Messages: 394

    You're asking for trouble!
  11. ComSweep

    ComSweep Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Been a little busy. YES, I am plowing commercial with it. Sorry it's not something fancy and expensive. We just started with the snow plowing. Normally we just run sweeper trucks. I'll post a few pics of it working soon.
  12. LawnProLandscapes

    LawnProLandscapes PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,129

    wow i would love to destroy that plow in a nice lake effect storm herer. were not busting you becasuse its not fancy and expensive, its because that plow is NOT made to withstand commercial plowing its a home owner plow. it might be cheap but just think of the money youll lose on accounts when that plow is busted and someone else steals your work. it takes a long time to build up a good name but it can become a bad name in one storm :salute:
  13. farmerkev

    farmerkev Senior Member
    Messages: 849

    Easy guys, looks like its making money in the pictures to me. If they usually can use sweepers, I dont think he needs to worry too much about a massive lake effect snow. If it makes him money, its not bad is it?
  14. naturalgreen

    naturalgreen Senior Member
    Messages: 404

    hell be upgraded soon im sure
    and if it breaks, one of you shmoes will make money off his accounts or maybe help him out and sub with you man plows
    if it works it works
    advice is woven with critical here we mean well
  15. MileHigh

    MileHigh PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,827

    Dang guys.....ouch

    I think this will be the last time comsweep posts here...

  16. Duncan90si

    Duncan90si Senior Member
    Messages: 602

    If the plow breaks and puts you in a bind, you can just drop the head of the sweeper down and plow with it or fire it up and suck the snow off of the lot. :D j/k

    What brand of sweepers do you run?
  17. ComSweep

    ComSweep Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    Like I said. It's our first plow so I'm learning. Works great so far. I'm still learning though. Here we're normally lucky to ever get 3 inches of snow. But, this year we've set records for almost 19 inches in 2 storms. The snowbear is still working. I only meant to use it for 1 season though. Thanks to the last 2 storms, I can now afford a V-Plow or something else. Any advice? I'm thinking V. Let me know. I posted pics of Our Snowbear working earlier.
  18. Drottlawn

    Drottlawn Senior Member
    Messages: 364

    I am with ya man! I started 5 years ago with one on a 2wd f150 doing commercial lots. That is now history, and now I own 3 commercial plows and 4x4 trucks to do my lots and more as a sub. I understand you got to start somewhere, that is how I did it also. My snowbear is still being used by my brother in law in Michigan on his drive and some others also. They are great light duty plows. Happy Plowing!