Oshkosh V-plow video, Big Snow

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by Big Chief, Feb 19, 2008.

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    wow man thats a true classic for sure . i found that walter on youtube in summer and your oshkosh is doing what they do best . i love watching old iron out plowing the new stuff :D
  3. merrimacmill

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    Now that is some serious plowing. Makes me feel like I'm still playing in the sand box... lol
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    Gesh i cant even imagine that much snow! We are lucky if it snows 4 times a year now.
  5. theguynextdoor

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    That is a crap load of snow. Why wouldn't you keep the side plow up on the first pass so theres less resistance on the truck and just vplow the first pass?
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    nice! Love that old iron pushin' back the snow.
  7. Camden

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    That poor clutch of yours is taking a pounding :dizzy: Awesome videos...wish they were longer.
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    Now thats what Im talking about!!:D
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    That is so bad a$$!!! My wife and I were contemplating moving to Colorado and now I wish we did!!
  10. 02DURAMAX

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    Cummins power!!...thats crazy amout of snow
  11. doh

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    Bean there, done that. His problem is the bank on both sides. It will just blow in even deeper with the next wind.

    Lake roads suck. I have plowed for 10 hours one direction, only to turn around and come back. To see the road has even more snow in the road.

    1 bank on the down wind side and to widen the road drag the snow from windward side and fling it over the downwind side bank.
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  12. OP
    Big Chief

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    No Downhill side

    Problem is: There is a dirt bank on the east side. You cannot put anymore snow over there. I to have "been there done that" As any good plowman knows. You cannot judge how someone has plowed something unless you have seen the area in both summer and winter! Grant.
  13. Oshkosh

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    Hi Grant

    So how has the snow been out there this season?
    Looks like you are having a good mid season...
  14. doh

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    True enough, I didn't see the dirt bank.

    I had just plowed out a cabin road that a V plow came out of the night before. The road was full bank to bank.
  15. OP
    Big Chief

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    Lots O snow!

    Oshkosh, We've been getting a bunch this year. Big chief is actually profitable! Was glad I caught some V-Plow action for once. I don't use the V unless I have to. Not real efficient for everday road plowing but man did it work GOOD!! Grant.
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    VEE PLOWS... The punk rock of the snow plow world.:nod:
  18. xtreem3d

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    in the second video it looks like his plow isn't all the way down? too much snow for a single pass or am i looking at it wrong?,...cool anyway !!!!
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    i bet you get good mileage......hahaha

    im guessing about 12......gallons to the mile