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I know there are not too many guys that do airfield snow removal, maybe just Steve, Myself and one other person I can recall, but does anyone have a good supplier I can e-mail?? We're trying to find out what the largest plows we can put on our trucks are, and we plan on ordering 3-5 new plows. I've been to their site, but they pawn you off straight to the dealers. I was hoping maybe some of you have dealt with one of them and could recommend someone and pass on an e-mail address.

Thanks in Advance


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If you let me know the year model body setup etc of your truck I can ask my local outfitter what he recommends.

Around here all the Oshkosh are equipped as ready-mix trucks so I need to know how yours are set up.
I don't know if you know this, but Oshkosh (the city, hence all the companies with related names, Oshkosh Truck, Oshkosh B'Gosh) is about 20 miles south of me. Are you trying to find info from the mfg of the trucks, or does Oshkosh also make plows? I might be able to get you a ph# or something.



Thanks in Advance [/B][/QUOTE]WHAT YA STEERIN??????????????

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My Oshkosh is a 68 and has neverseen seen runway yet so I am a novice at what you ask but I would think ther is a web page some where that can help you.Alot I would think would depend on HP and font spring config and weight capability.You might look for an airpot like midway in Chicago(coming back from Arizona saw some being used there)and find out a good after market supplier is.


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I'm not sure what models and sizes you have, but we just got a 14 ft monroe(steel moldboard w/poly overlay) for our mpt(dual rear wheel, not all wheel steer, 330 hp cummins) and the truck handles it with no problem and will push just about anything.

I'm not sure how you guys handle your snow removal, so that leaves a lot of questions.

For one, if you are running a full echelon down the runway with trucks/brooms and then following with blowers after each pass, then 20+ footers are real nice. I'm sure our osh kosh could handle a 20 footer (as long as its a lighter, poly model) with little or no problems.

The main problem comes when you get behind and have to use the big plows to push heavy, deep snow. Then, you will wish you had smaller.

Like I said, I have no idea how you run a storm, whether you focus on keeping the primary runway open and letting others be during big storms, or if you have the equipment and man power to keep the entire airfield open all the time.

For us, we are probably going to stick with plows in the 14 ft range. Just are much more practical and versatile for our needs. Not to say the 20+ aren't nice to have, as they move a lot of snow fast, but they just aren't practical for us.

So, the best thing I can say is don't base all the decisions on what the truck will handle. If you talk to these guys, they will try to sell the biggest, baddest thing they can get on the truck. Thats how we got the 20 ft Root plow on the Walter.

Also, a big problem with larger plow is pavement crowning. Half the time, the big truck has to wait it out because it can't plow center line of the runway/taxiway because half the plow is off the ground on each side.

Ok, I've probably have said nothing new for you as your operation is much bigger than ours, but just getting my word in. And by the way, I will get the email address of the company who set our truck up and send it over.



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And one more thing......

Not to be long winded here, but I'll try to be brief.

I'm not sure if you will ever really get 'true' ratings for big plows.

My theory is this. Big runway plows are not something every other contractor is coming in and buying everyday. They are built for one thing....Big, municipal/gov't type contract work.

From my own experiences, I will say that its unbelievable how many stories I've heard of people buying things because 'such and such was a friend of somebody', or 'the company treated us for dinner at the last big snow conference'

If you ask me, they are all TOO big for any truck. Look at syracuse airport, they have a 35 FOOTER. I can't imagine any truck being able to handle something like that and push 8 inches of snow.

These things are 'show' in a sense. Kind of like having the best truck on the block.

The main thing is this. Its not YOUR money. Its someone elses. As I have learned over the past few years (and still am learning), people in the field of airport snow removal seem to buy things that just don't make sense. I've been around a few of the Big guys, and its funny talking to them sometimes because they really couldn't tell you anything about what they have, but they can tell you how big they are and how much they cost and how many they have.

This is a 'twisted' business. I would just use your best judgement, and if it doesn't work out, well, chalk it up on that list of items like the screw driver that cost $2000 dollars or the bolts that cost $500 a piece..........


just having some fun!


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