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Well, today was one of the best days I can ever say I had at work. Right now we are have all the jobs done for the week, basicly because of the lack of snow. Well, I was going to start stuff for next week but had a better idea. I called one of my guys and had him stop and get a lot of donuts on the way to work.

When the guys came in to check the job board it was blank, and told them to go to the meeting room.

What did we all do for the morning? We talked plows, and more plows, and about white stuff. We talked about plans of attack, rest procedures, call outs, a told a few stories. I just decided that the guys needed to remember that they could be plowing anyday now. So what did they get out of it, well they know who is working near them, which trucks do which areas, and they know who to check to see who is behind or ahead. So now I am not going to hear on our radio truck 7 to opperations who is near me? or truck 7 to truck one, me who can help me I am stuck, or I am behind. Now I should hear truck 7 truck 10, I am stuck at XXXX location. It was a good way to spend the morning, the mechanic talked about when to come in for repairs. I think it will decrease radio traffic, increase productivity, and answer a lot of questions about who does what and when.

Anyone else do anything like that? Tommorrow morning, every truck is being set up, plows and spreaders, and we are checking everything again.



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Yes, we have a actual book written for our snow plan. Very detailed, starting with who goes where, what to start with, and also the priorities (areas to be done in order of importance)

About two weeks ago, we actually closed one of the runways, set all the trucks up, and had driver training. We get a lot of new drivers, so now they hopefully won't come to a dead stop at the end of the runway while I'm behind them in the walter with the 20 ft plow doing 40 mph praying that I won't get stuck too bad off the edge of the runway trying to avoid them.



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Same deal with our airfield, very, very detailed plan and snow control system. Everything already planned out before the winter including who operates what equipment, etc.

I also laughed when you were talking about a driver stopping while your flying down the runway! We had a dry one last week to teach the new guys we put in the snow brooms and air blowers to stay alert, especially when the snow is coming and Guido is coming even faster past them in a oshkosh slinging snow all the way back to the states! They get so scared when its not really clear out and they're broomin @ 15MPH and I fly by at 40-50MPH, I laugh my ass off!

Anyway, hope everyones ready to go, and say your prayers for the white stuff!


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each truck has 3 ring binder with each plow route and copy of other routes with details if a truck breaks we also have 2-way radio. ever driver goes over route before it snows. plan works but you know the saying, any thing can go wrong

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