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Operasoft - July 2012 Newsletter

Discussion in 'Operasoft' started by Operasoft, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
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    An update on Operasoft Snow & Ice Solutions

    We have now rebranded our solutions in order to make it easier for you to understand and see what we have to offer. Our Snowman solution is designed by snow management professionals for the snow removal industry. No more paperwork; anything you can imagine needing is now at your fingertips!

    Coming soon you can start using our Snowman & Snowflake solutions in under 5 minutes, nothing to install on any PC. Just sign-up, online from our website and take advantage of our 30 day trial to see that this solution is right for you.

    Our new Snowboard is a 7’’ GPS & 3G enabled Android tablet that runs an application allowing in-vehicle personnel to have instant access to all of the real-time information in the Snowman platform such as routes, clients and service calls.

    The Snowflake solution is a great starting point for those wanting to improve efficiency. Snowflake will allow you to create routes & geocodes of your service locations, thus giving you access to unique reporting such as Service history per locations, accurate trace history for any “Slip & fall” clams, proximity report to validate damages claims, usage & trip reports, ability to see all vehicles in real-time on Google Earth. The Snowflake hardware is a very small GPS tracking system installed in all vehicles related to your operations, allowing instant insight and visibility on all activities in real time.

    Our optional feature “Your Client Snow Portal” is the gateway for you to allow your clients to peer into their client records, without having to contact anyone at your office. Your clients can request a quote, view their invoices, renew their contracts, make a payment, check the status of their services, open a complaint request, and much more.

    Add the optional “Public Tracking” feature to your website and provides access to the general public to see the real time locations of all your Snowflake GPS or Snowboard Terminal equipped vehicles.

    Most importantly, all our solutions may work together and you are able to customize these solutions to meets your company requirements. Start with Snowman or Snowflake. You choose! Example: You may start with the Snowflake solution, once you are accustom to all this incredible live data and reporting, you can move into the Snowman solution, allowing you to create your quotes, contracts, accounts, invoicing, renewals, maintenance & preventive maintenance and more. The Snowboard is an extension of the Snowman system for your operators in the field. Snowboard will show the operators their routes and To Do’s. Dispatch will also be able to send out live service activities to the operators in real time with confirmation that they got the message, accepted and completed the task.

    Since our last eNewsletter, we have participated in several industry exhibits and were very happy to meet you there. In the months to come, we will be attending the SIMA Snow Strategy Forum in Chicago and the APOM Journée Technique trade show in Lévis, QC. We hope to again have the opportunity to discuss with you our industry dedicated Snow & Ice Solutions.

    Furthermore, Operasoft has a redesigned website geared towards the snow industry, for the residential, commercial and municipal sectors. You will be able to view more details about us and how we came to be a company that wants to help other snow removal corporations by making snow fun again! I invite you to take a few moments and visit our “NEW & IMPROVED” website at www.operasoft.ca

    Please feel free to email me your comments (positive or negative); as this is the only way we can continue to improve in making Operasoft Snow & Ice Solutions the best solution on the market for you and your company.

    Best regards,