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Operasoft is listening to you - SIMA Symposium 2013

Discussion in 'Operasoft' started by Operasoft, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73

    Hey everyone!

    We had a great time at the SIMA Symposium in Minneapolis last week. Got to meet some our on clients and made some new friends.

    It was great to speak to you at our booth and even those after the trade show. With your wonderful feedback we are able to continue making Operasoft Snowman system better & better every day.

    We heard that many of you out there think that we have a great system for your business and would really like to implement our unique solutions, but the 12 month pricing on the Snowflake GPS and Snowboard in-vehicle terminal was an issue.

    As I said before, Operasoft is listening to you. We will shortly be coming up with a new pricing model that I know will make you much happier!

    Please stay tuned for this new pricing model change. We will be announcing it on our website once all is active.

    I will keep you posted!