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    Here is another truck one of our great drivers destroyed. Its a Boss plow on a 2008 F250.
    The picture is with the truck on the lift looking out to the mount.

    Boss plow.JPG
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    wow how much snow are you plowing? someone needs to be fired!
  4. sweetk30

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    7 DAYS APART :eek:

    what the he!! are your drivers doing ? watching days or thunder rental car race/smash .

    those 2 guys would be so gone if it was my vehicles.

    i dont now how you take the loss of money and repairs with this kind of crap goin on.

    i know my self i have hit some good stuff in my time . the most i have ever hurt was my ego / pride and mabye poped a pin out of the a/frame were it clips in to the push beam on my old fisher speedcaster 8ft blade.
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    Wow dude, WTF did he hit? I've smashed things in my day and split cutting edges, broke lights, pins etc., but I have never seen a mount mangled like that!
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    the next pic he posts had better be the guys pink slip or the semi he rammed off the road??? How in the F can you bend the mount?? just wondering....
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    I hate to see the plow that belongs on the mount. But yeah, what was the story on this?
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    I'm waiting for the info on this one to:popcorn:
  9. thesnowman269

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    you still have the plow on with the mount f$%#ed like that with the truck in the air? wow. unsafe if you ask me
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    congrats, you seem so proud.
  11. CityGuy

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    Is that mount pushed into the torsion bar? Or is it just the angle of the pic that makes it look like it is.
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    torsion bar?? thats a pic of a real truck! just kidding. anyways, thats the steering link bar and it looks like the vertical mount plate did get pushed back pretty far.
  13. PerfectEarth

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    Yea.... I'd remove the plow before lifting the truck...geez.

    Anyway, It's amazing the plow was still on the truck after that hit. Hope you've checked every inch of everything else on the plow and frame....
  14. Kuzanut

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    with the mount bent like that i doubt if he could get the plow off...

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    That's what I was going to say. There is no way the whole plow isn't Fd, what does the rest of the plow look like? I be the frame of the truck is bent. Looks like the mount actually split

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    WOW! He wasn't going 5 miles per hour on that one. I want to know the story, I mean lie on this one. Whats the blade look like?
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    That must have been a heck of a hit. You might want to hold a bit of a training seminar.
  18. nycpsd

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    Last time I saw something like that is when one of the guys I work with hit a high curb and missed the entrance to a parking lot at about 30mph and bent the mount that bad, he was subsequently fired.
  19. OP

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    First let me say sorry for not giving you all the details, I worked 16 hour days back to back and was tired and had little sleep.
    2- The guys who drive these trucks, I don't hire, and there bosses have to fire or deal with them. I am a pimple on a cow's ass here.
    3- The boss plow passed the damage to the frame, The Western took the hit and bent up. Id rather see the plow get damaged.
    4- Yes the truck is on the lift. These are ride on lifts that can handle these trucks
    5. The first picture is from the the under carriage, looking out toward the plow. The bent part you see is the back of the frame mount. The truck frame is bent where the first cross member is connected to the frame rail.
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    With all the plowing i have done with Western blade and Fishers i have never done any damage like that. I have plowed dirt, hit cars, hit well casings, hit stumps, hit curbs, ripped frozen railroad ties out of the dirt, hit stone walls, hit boulders, etc. and never have done that severe of damage. The most damage i ever did was break the a-frame on the western blade and that was because i modified the trip on the blade. I welded 1/2 steel to the pivot and used grade-8 bolts to hold the the blade from tripping, this just caused either the bolts to shear or swist the a-frame until it broke. Other than that i only have ever broken hoses or pins. I have never bent a frame or bent a mold board. The truck that i had the western blade on i also used in a friends scrap yard pushing cars around and i also used it occasionally to plow out logging headers where i got firewood. This plow was intentionally abused and never saw that much damage.