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Still looking for a truck ( my welder's one, not well maintened as he said, need a 2500-3000$ tune up, ask 9000, and the new evaluation is 10 000$, he will phone me today)

so i see this in your area,

Ontario - Sud-Ouest, Comté Essex

Windsor Pennysaver (Code régional : 519)
# 70551 - Cars for Sale

1980 FORD F250, 4x4, w/Artic plow $1300 obo; 1979 Ford F150, 4x4, w/Myers plow $1300 obo; 1978 Chevy Blazer, 4x4, w/Artic plow $1300 obo 776-4202.

Qui Denis - nous sommes achete ce camions pour un spare camion, mais nous n'est pas mechaniciens, nous sommmes les conduires!

Yikes - OK, back to english. We thought about those years ago to have for a spare truck in case of a break down, but the cost of insurance and batteries ruled that out. We now have enough newer iron to cover us.

Still, for you as a spare camion, mais qui!

Salute Denis

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