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One Unhappy Camper...This is great

Discussion in 'Storm Pictures' started by Clapper&Company, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Clapper&Company

    Clapper&Company PlowSite Veteran
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 4,413

    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/xRmrTpke2IY&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/xRmrTpke2IY&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
  2. sparky8370

    sparky8370 Senior Member
    Messages: 234

    Yeah that's already been posted here before. Pretty funny though...
    Oh and he loves the comments so if you don't have a youtube membership start one and leave some.
  3. DBL

    DBL PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,310

    thats funny.....you $#@%er you just hit my snow blower
  4. powerjoke

    powerjoke PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,341

    that's funny stuff lmfaoX2

    i'm gona watch it again
  5. Petr51488

    Petr51488 Senior Member
    Messages: 265

    If thats real.. THats freakin hilarious!
  6. jkiser96

    jkiser96 Senior Member
    Messages: 401

    I think I have heard those exact words when we plowed an upscale housing edition. I also learned to roll my windows up if they are out blowing their drives. :gunsfiring:
  7. NCass31

    NCass31 Member
    Messages: 90

    what a baby... if he has a problem with it, maybe he should move to where it rains instead of snows... digging out or pushing out your driveway is a fact of life. if i was one of the muni workers i would have marked his driveway and gone back with my personal truck and plow and pushed his whole driveway in.
  8. Frostysnow

    Frostysnow Senior Member
    from oh
    Messages: 145

    thats one of the funniest snow related videos i have ever seen
  9. dr.lawn21

    dr.lawn21 Senior Member
    Messages: 225

    Great Vid. Wish I could have been the guy driving the last plow.
  10. TLC Snow Div.

    TLC Snow Div. Senior Member
    Messages: 548


    I would have pulled the air horn... Honk! Honk! see ya.....

    What am i gonna do stop the truck and ask the guy to move his dumb snow blower:p
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2007
  11. torquet

    torquet Junior Member
    Messages: 25

    lol thats funny
  12. JD Dave

    JD Dave PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,194

    Do you really think he was serious or just joking!
  13. tinymitymo

    tinymitymo Member
    Messages: 91



    Should'a found some more snow to push into his driveway:nod:

  14. fatheadon1

    fatheadon1 Senior Member
    Messages: 406

    this is a every storm type thing here in nj
  15. dr.lawn21

    dr.lawn21 Senior Member
    Messages: 225

  16. Clapper&Company

    Clapper&Company PlowSite Veteran
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 4,413

    You know that Trooper got fired over that !!!!

    He got fired for being to nice, and not ripping him out of the car, and hooking him like he should have been.
  17. DareDog

    DareDog PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,438

    I was waiting to him to go in to the road and stop the plow trucks
  18. HKusp

    HKusp Member
    Messages: 33

    I heard that he got reprimanded fro antagonizing the guy over the littering thing.
  19. topdj

    topdj Senior Member
    Messages: 396

    that guy in the Bronco should have got a second ticket right after he took off like a idiot
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2007
  20. topdj

    topdj Senior Member
    Messages: 396