one ton pickup?


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Will this make a good plow truck? Yes or No

1982 GMC 4wd auto 350 3500 High Sierra Dually. Great shape (southern truck - no rust). Dealer said as far as he can tell it doesn't feel like it's even been in 4wd. Does anyone have one out there?

They are asking $5,595.00. What do ya think?

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My friend that is a great plow truck,it will hold a V-box nice and a plow no problem.This is one truck where you might be better off plowing in low range.This truck is a rare find-Ill buy it if you dont want it,the old style solid axle trucks are worth good money if they are clean,and rust free,which is a rarity.The dualsstick out far,so get a9 ft blade.

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You could put a 8.5 to a 9ft plow on that truck or even a v plow. Also put a tranny cooler in the truck. The pre 90's gm trucks are very good trucks.
Great truck. It will have a model 60 front axle, huge spicer manual locking hubs (hopefully), TH 400 trans and a NP 205 gear-driven transfer case. Low range is 1.96:1, which is much better to use for plowing than the 2.72:1 most of us use.

The CV joint on the front drive shaft has a grease fitting in the centre of the joint. It requires a special needle adapter for the grease gun, but do not foresake greasing this important joint.


Exactly how does a snake eyed used car salesman tell if the truck "feels" like it has never been in 4 wheel drive?

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