One side of tailgate latch stuck on 90 truck

Dai Maxwell

Junior Member
I have a 1990 3/4 ton... not sure what model of truck, S10, I think, that one side of the tailgate does not unlatch when I pull the handle. This has happened before and someone was able to make an quick adjustment to it, but I don't recall what it was. It's a work truck and I have to open it upwards of 15 times a day (currently using a screwdriver to pop the stuck latch) Can anyone help me or tell me how to fix it?



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3/4 ton --S10 ??

Pop the trim ( if you have a trim) off the tailgate latch & you will see 2 rods 1 on each side of the latch. The rods are held in place with plastic clips & you have 1 broken or missing buy both ( $2.00) pop the new clips in & then the rods & your all done. No adjustments needed ;) .